Guided tour

To schedule a guided tour by a curator, please contact us in advance.


We permit photography in the facility for noncommercial and educational use. Please obtain our permission for secondary use (in print media and any commercial use).
The use of flash photography and tripods is prohibited.

Request to visitors

To ensure an enjoyable visit for all the visitors, as well as the preservation of the collections, please refrain from the following:

  1.  Smoking on the museum premises.
  2. Using a cellphone in the museum building.
  3. Eating and drinking in the museum building (except for visitors with special needs who require hydration).
  4. Entering the museum building without removing shoes. Please put on the slippers provided at the entrance (wheelchair and other assistive device users are excepted).
  5. Using writing instruments except pencils.
  6. Entering the museum building with pets (except assistance dogs).
  7. Collecting plants and animals in the campus biotope exhibition garden.
  8. Please keep an eye on your child to prevent injury.